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Your Herston Private Hospital


To assist us in your admission process, please ensure you have the following: 

Read and understood all information and completed the Admission Forms prior to your admission 

Medicare card, Health Insurance Fund cards, and benefits details 

Have a list of medications 

For patients who have private health insurance cover, please ensure that you contact your Health Insurance Fund prior to your admission to check for any excess, co-payments or waiting periods. 

Herston Private Hospital | Medical Suites | Bowen Hills, Brisbane
Herston Private Hospital | Medical Suites | Bowen Hills, Brisbane

‘Prior to Your Day of Surgery’ Checklist

  1. Advise us if you require an interpreter service – if you are unable to speak English.
  2. Arrange for a responsible carer or family member to drive you home and stay with you following your surgery.
  3. The usual length of stay is 2-3 hours unless you are to stay overnight in our Short Stay Hospital.
  4. If you are unwell prior to your admission, please telephone us on 07 3539 3539.
  5. If you have not heard from one of our nurses by the afternoon prior to your surgery, please telephone us on 07 3539 3539.
  6. Wear comfortable clothing that is not restrictive.
  7. Do not bring jewellery or valuables, as you will be asked to remove these.
  8. Do not wear makeup.
  9. Do not wear shellac or nail polish. 

The Day Before your Admission

You may receive a text message confirming your time of admission. Please note, this time may have changed since the pre-admission nurse issued you a time at your telephone appointment. The change is due to the surgeon's workload on the day of your surgery or procedure.

Every effort is made by our clinical team to reduce waiting times for surgery, and we constantly work on our theatre scheduling. However, occasionally some surgeries can take a little more time than anticipated and waiting times can be endured.

The clinical team will ensure any extended waiting times are communicated to you and your carer.

For more information about your stay, please download our patient information brochure here.

The Day of Surgery


Patients who are having anaesthetic may not be allowed to eat or drink within a specified time of their procedure. This is called fasting. For children and adults having elective (planned) procedures, limited solid food may be taken up to six (6) hours prior to anaesthesia and clear fluids may be taken up to two (2) hours prior to anaesthesia. Patients will be advised of their specific fasting instructions for solid food and liquids, and it is important to follow the instructions provided, otherwise your procedure may be cancelled.

Medication Scheduled for the Day of Your Procedure

Please ensure you ask your doctor whether you should take your prescribed and herbal medications on the morning of your procedure. If you are taking diabetes and blood thinning medication, please discuss this with your anaesthetist.

Herston Private Hospital | Medical Suites | Bowen Hills, Brisbane

Arrival and ‘Drop-Off’ for Patients to the Herston Private Hospital 

  • The entrance to Herston Private Hospital is via the ground floor main entrance into the patient lounge; however, the drop-off area for patients is located on level 4 of the car park above Herston Private Hospital.
  • Parking for carers and families is available on levels 5-9 of the car park.
  • Limited street parking is available in the surrounding streets.
  • When you arrive on level 4, proceed via the lifts to the patient lounge on the ground floor, where our friendly staff will assist you and finalise your admission details.
  • Carers and relatives may like to visit one of the coffee shops in the area – ask our reception team for directions.
  • After your admission is completed and any fees are paid, the nurse will greet you and transfer you to level 1 where the operating theatres are located.
  • The nurse will discuss your medical history and take your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. The staff will ensure that privacy and confidentiality are maintained during and after your admission. 

For more information about your stay, please download our patient information brochure here.

Herston Private Hospital | Medical Suites | Bowen Hills, Brisbane

Overnight Stay

Your surgeon would have advised if you are to stay overnight in the Short Stay Hospital. You may be admitted to the hospital by either one of two ways: 

  1. Directly on admission, or
  2. Following your procedure 

Your personal belongings will be taken to your room. You will only need to bring toiletries and a few changes of clothes/pyjamas. 

Please be aware that there is limited storage space. Do not bring valuable items or money with you. 

Your surgeon will advise when you may be able to go home following your procedure. 

After your Surgery


If it does occur, it should only be temporary. If nausea persists, avoid food but maintain fluids. If it does not resolve within 24 hours, it is important that you contact your doctor. 

Sore Throat 

This may occur due to your anaesthetist assisting with your breathing. It usually disappears within 24 hours. Simple pain relief may help relieve this. 

Tender Arm or Hand at Injection Site 

This may occur due to irritation of the vein or slight bruising from the needle or the medications injected and can persist for several days. If your arm or hand looks red, feels hot or appears inflamed consult with your GP.

For more information about your stay, please download our patient information brochure here.

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