Prof Bruce Black

Prof Bruce Black


Professor Black graduated from the University of Queensland and completed specialty training in Otolaryngology in Oxford, Edinburgh and London, and is now a specialist ear surgeon in private practice on Wickham Terrace.

He was the senior surgeon and Chair, Department of Otolaryngology, at the Royal Children’s Hospital and is now the senior Otologist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. He was the founding surgeon of the cochlear implant programs of the Royal Children’s Hospital, the Hear and Say Centre, and Attune Ltd.

He has been a pioneering surgeon in keyhole cochlear implant surgery, middle ear reconstruction and the treatment of cholesteatoma, and has been a consultant to Olympus Ltd in middle ear prosthetic design for many years. He is the author of “An Introduction to Ear Disease”, has published over 100 ear disease articles, is on the review boards of several academic journals, and is a longstanding member of the Politzer Society. Professor Black is the remaining founding director of Hear and Say and is the Centre’s Surgical Director.

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